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Husband shares his 50plus middle aged fat nasty wife

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Never has anyone gotten farther in life by being shot down than this angry man. Working on my novel today. My plan is just to go cannibal mad Max style.

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Certainly not Trump. Was it a tribe or a civilized mmiddle. She was still paying premiums, but they cut off her chemo?. But more folks were concerned with the pollution used with silver oxide. Please feel free to cite anything illogical that I've said.

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Husband shares his 50plus middle aged fat nasty wife

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Tojar 4 months ago
Goltirn 4 months ago
Shit posting?
Yozshut 3 months ago
For you:
Dilmaran 3 months ago
Anyone else notice the displayed weapons in the background?
Dizragore 3 months ago
Lmao the passive aggressive smiley
Shakakora 3 months ago
Guess I am only a moderate Machiavellian...
Grora 3 months ago
You're welcome!
Kajirr 3 months ago
Gundam underrated?
Maumi 3 months ago
Whose side is the cop on exactly?
Zulkikazahn 2 months ago
So then in theory he could be easily "saved".
Tygohn 2 months ago
Thank God!
Badal 2 months ago
Yes! Particularly when they don’t even have the context to know you may have needed that extra lift. But it was spontaneous and just a nicety. I always try to be kind because of this — you never know what day someone was having and you just showing a bit of empathy and cutting a bit of slack can help turn their entire day or just be a bright spot in an otherwise chitty day.
Yodal 2 months ago
In your bed?
Husband shares his 50plus middle aged fat nasty wife